BAD BOYS Ceramic Coating 9H


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BAD BOYS Ceramic Coating 9H


Easy in application, very efficient and lasted, self healing ceramic coating. Provides long-term mirror shine, depth of the colour and the protection of the car paint. It protects against the external factors and of the most aggressive chemicals.

The unique composition and the use of the advanced technology gives the coating perfect hydrophobic  and  self healing features. It fills minor imperfections as well as gives the surface slipperiness which translates into excellent self clearing properties.


– gives a high gloss  (mirror effect)

– emphasizes the colour saturation and the depth

– gives hydrophobic, which significantly hinders the accumulation of dirt, sand, road salt and traces of the insects

– it increases the smoothness of the car paint so the vehicle does not require frequent washing (self-cleaning effect)

– after the application , the car paint does not require additional waxing or polishing

– the hydrophobic effect facilitates washing and helps to dry the car quickly

– self healing properties  (the ability to heal micro cracks under the influence of higher temperature)

– can be layered (with the proper car paint care, one layer –durability up to one year or 15,000 kilometers, two layers- durability up to two years or 30,000 kilometers)

  • BAD BOYS Ceramic Coating 9H

    Directions for use:

    – In order to obtain a guarantee for the ceramic coating, the application should be performer by authorized detailing studio;

    – if you want to do it yourself and for maximum durability, please follow the steps  of usage below;

    – Prepare the car paint by thorough and safe washing;

    – Carry out the paint coating decontamination process;

    – Make a paint correction, at least through one-step refreshing;

    – Before the application, thoroughly degrease the car paint surface (preferably twice)

    – Apply the coat on a cool and dry paint surface in a room with suitable weather conditions ( The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the time for lapping its excess)

    – Apply about 8 drops of Ceramic Coating 9H on the clean and dry applicator and distribute the product with the cross movement on the surface approx. 40x40cm.

    – Depending on the room temperature wait about 30-60 seconds and remove the excess coat with a new microfiber (the coating binds with the car paint quickly, so it will be needed several additional microfibers)

    – With another microfiber polish the surface to obtain a streak-free polish  (for this step it will be helpful to use inspection flashlight)

    – When the application is finished , leave the car in the optimal temperature environment (at least +10oC) for 24 hours for better car bonding


    Remember about good lighting and personal protective equipment during the application.

    For a safe application, only use the dedicated applicator.

    Avoid the moisture in the first 24 hours after application.

    Possible layering should be started after 8-10 hours from the moment of the first application layer, or the next day.

    For the first week after  application, protect your car from harmful external conditions.

    Do not apply the coating on a humid or a hot surface or in a room with a temperature below +10 oC.

    The coating should be cleaned by safe hand washing at least once every two weeks.

    Important information:

    Attention! The hardening process of the coating takes about 10 days. During this time it will have electrostatic properties (it will attract dust). You should not wash the uncured coating. You should take care of your car and prevent the accumulation of dirt on the paint during the hardening process of the coating. If there is too much dirt on the car body, you should immediately wash the paint surface with a neutral pH cleaner.  Leaving the strong contamination on the surface will prevent the coating form curing property. Safe washing is much less harmful to the coating than leaving accumulated impurities on it. After the coating has hardened, you should safely wash the car (inspection washing) so that the coating gains antistatic properties. 30 ml Ceramic Coating 9H should be enough for the application of two layers on a medium-sized care.


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